Day 456

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Le voyage

Month 15.

A short update on my skin. My 4th rage started early April, lasted for about a month. The first 2 weeks of May was good. My skin started to heal and recover – clearly out of the rage. Back of knee, arm flexures, neck and wrist all healed up quite significantly. Until about 5 days ago, I started to scratch and tear my skin open again. Right now skin is better than it was during the rage, but not as good as it was during the first 2 weeks of May. Skin is now dry and slightly rashy with a few open wounds. Pre orbital and oral area are itching much more over the past 2 week. I sleep at normal times, but don’t sleep very well at night – not too bad either. But I am feeling lethargic most of, if not all the time.I avoid going out unless necessary. Sweating still makes me itch and scratch. I guess not using moisturizer helps in that it makes my skin tougher – as a result of the dryness – and less easy to tear open when I scratch. In fact I no longer suppress any urges to scratch. I just scratch to my hearts content whenever I itch.

My vision has been slightly blurry since 2 weeks ago. I initially thought that it was due to a lack of sleep as was the case 2 weeks ago – I just could not sleep or sleep well. But after having decent rest, they are still slightly blurry. Hopeful that this too will pass.

School is starting in slightly under 3 months. Really hope that my skin would be kind to me. Cannot imagine having to juggle school and TSW concurrently. They just don’t go together.   Here is to hoping.

  1. dan says:

    You should have your eyes checked for possible complications from tsw.

    • oregene says:

      I had blurry eyes a while ago, then it disappeared as my skin got better. Now it’s back. I think I will give it another month or two, if things don’t improve, I guess I will have to see a doctor..

      • dan says:

        I’m pretty sure Dr. Fukaya said something to the effect that cataracts is a real danger for all who go through tsw and all of us should have our eyes checked. And it sounds like you definitely shouldn’t be waiting any longer to me. I need to get mine checked too but my vision hasn’t changed so I’ve been lazy about it. However, I could be blowing it by waiting too long.

  2. Mary says:

    I have Avene thermal water and Allergend Cool Sheets to help with the sweating. I have school in 3 months too, they definitely do not mix at all 🙂

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