Day 429

Posted: April 26, 2014 in Le voyage

Almost one week into my 14th month, and – from the looks of things – probably many more months to go. Shortly after my last post in early March, I experienced yet another flare. My skin got itchy, red, flaky and rashy. My skin gradually worsen before culminating in my 4th rage. Areas affected, in order of severity, included the back of my knee, neck, arm flexures, wrist, stomach and pre orbital/oral area. Calf and shin are slightly affected. Small independent patches of dry itchy skin appeared on my torso – but they are going away.

As usual, the back of my knee is the worst off. I scratch almost every night before I go to sleep (I scratch only a bit in my sleep). There is slight oozing. The scabs that form are thick and most probably solidified ooze. The rash creeps a little into my thigh – just a little. Next would be the entirety of my neck, from the base (collar bone) up to under my chin and on my jawline. Repeated cycles of itching, scratching, reddish flaking, and smoother skin. It still feels rough to the touch at the moment. Arm flexures also undergo repeated cycles similar to my neck, as do my wrists. Stomach, and face is dry and itchy.

Though the amount of smooth skin on my forearms are increasing. They are getting smoother as well. Inner thigh and outer thigh is smooth as well. My shoulder, biceps and upper arms has been smooth and normal a long time ago, and they remain that way. Those were the last areas to develop eczema.

At 14 months, I truly thought that I would be completely healed. When I started out, I was fully convinced that all it takes was upwards of six months. It then became a year and subsequently a year and a half. It was inconceivable – then – that I would still be in the thick of things past the one year mark. Fast forward fourteen months, and that duration might has just passed the three year mark. The fact that my skin does feel much better today than it was last year; that the flares have grown milder, that the struggles today pale in comparison to those of the past; provides for stern affirmation that I am healing – whatever the pace.

Just a little worried as school is starting in 3.5 months time and being mired in this flare makes me all negative and pessimistic. Not too mention my messed up sleep cycle again.


10269362_10152091327528458_33053788468714885_n 10268603_10152091327198458_3729791122610275532_n 1888487_10152091328503458_2834258473229387216_n 1545559_10152091328373458_8353211902909036113_n

They don’t look as bad in photo .

  1. Jen Joy says:

    My only consolation is that it’s not on your face like mine…

    • oregene says:

      Don’t worry Jen, I have seen quite a few sufferers with withdrawal on their faces. They eventually won the battle and their skin is now flawless. Even better than before. I do have some symptoms on my face, and I am hoping that once I have braved the flare, my skin will be even better than before.

  2. Eva says:

    Sorry to hear things are not going so well for you:( but don’t give up! Everything has to come to an end eventually and you’re much closer to the goal than you were before:) Just think of people like me still chuffing along at 9 weeks only and give yourself a pat on the back for continuing to survive every day:)

    • oregene says:

      Hey Eva! Everything has to come to an end indeed! I won’t give up now, don’t really have a choice. Everyday is one step closer to healing and I guess that’s what drives me on. You are also 9 weeks closer to healing! Lets all fight on together! 🙂

  3. Moh says:

    i feel ya pain bro. just hold on, as you can see it is getting better as the pics prove that! time heals my friend. i honestly believe that through experience the first few months are the hardcore symptoms and when you reach a certain month the real healing begins stay strong and humble and don’t let it get the best of you but rather let it bring out the best of you. get in touch if you need to talk about this, cuz im in the same boat but almost at the destination we will be at. Bless and stay strong 🙂

    • oregene says:

      Hey Moh! Feels so comforted to know that there is someone who can relate to my situation. True that the initial symptoms are the worst, but as time goes on, the symptoms may be less intense, but the duration seemed to have dragged. It is just so tiring and frustrating to be stucked in this ‘phase’ where the skin still itches and bring so much discomfort. Really hope that real healing is now taking place beneath the skin and that the end is much much nearer now. Hope you are healing well bro! 🙂

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